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The reality of the new norms

Old norms :

- around forty strict requirements for the 0* to 4* classes.

New norms : 

- 246 requirements with mandatpry or free-choice features, for the 1* to 5* classes

- A number of mandatory features to have in a 5% tolerance limit, which gives a low limit and a high limit depending on the class.

For instance : for the 3* class, the number of mandatory features must be between 168 and 177

- A minimum number of free-choice features to respect depending in the class

For instance : For the 3* class, there must be at least 83 free-choice features.

The norm expects that if the hotel does not reach the high limit of the range regarding the mandatory features, the requirement regarding the number of free-choice features increases by 3 times this gap.

In our case, we decided to put several pillows in every room but not to put 6 of them in the 3-people rooms (for particular cases, you can ask for extra pillows at the reception). We deliberately abandoned this criteria to gain 2 more points so that we have in total 83+ 3x2 = 89 free-choices features. When we got the ranking inspection, we reached 175 mandatory features (for a minimum number of 168) and 121 free-choice features  (for 89 required). That's how we reached the 3* ranking  without any difficulty.

By adding this little flexibility the administration made things easier for the hoteliers who want to do their best to reach a higher level, by making the next ranking more reachable.

In the end, the hotels which will do what is necessary to reach a higher ranking will make possible to achieve the original aim : the general improvement of the french hotel trade. 

The customers of the hotels have to remember that the way of estimate has changed. That to reach the next class translates more into a big evolution than a revolution in an hotel.

So no bravado on our side but a satisfaction for this new 3* ranking.